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Inspire Turntable Range

Our range of bespoke turntables are designed and built to provide you with high class product competing with other manufactures models at twice the cost

As a key player in the UK turntable market and over 15 years experience of designing and manufacturing audiphile turntables, we are proud of the diverse range of turntables which we have in our portfolio.


All of our turntables are hand made in Derbyshire and feature engineering and craftsmanship from local businesses. 


The Monarch is our reference turntable and sits at the top of our range.


Boasting a re-worked direct drive system, handcrafted engineered parts and a timeless design, its no wonder this multi award winning turntable has been named Turntable of the Year by Hi Fi News


An extremely high mass product that oozes class with its performance,

looks and quality. Another of our award winning products!

force 10.jpg

A bold and confident addition to our line of turntables. The Force 10 promotes a rock steady sound stage and distinctive design. Compare its cost with our rivals! 



The best of Swiss meets the best of British!

The Enigma turntable pairs a reengineered idler drive system with top class engineering and craftsmanship to deliver an exciting audiophile turntable

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