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Technics Upgrade

An audiophile upgrade package for all Technics 1200/1210 turntables


Choose your finish

All of our Technics plinths are crafted from high quality solid woods 


Technics Upgrade Package

• Off board hi specification power supply

• Re engineered Technics platter with fitted billet 10mm aluminium for ultimate mass and flywheel effect (Removal of DJ strobe dots extra)

• Sealed unit phosphor bronze bearing housing

• Arm plate for your choice of arm

• Deluxe mat

• Puka weight

• Plinth system with sorbothane feet

• Full build and fitting

• Unregulated DC Off board PSU with quality 4.4 Amp transformer replacing the small noisy on board transformer

• Mundorf AG Audio grade 10,000uf stabilising capacitor replacing the poor 470uf standard capacitor

• The low grade on board/ slow response voltage regulator circuit is replaced with Fidelity Audio SPower HC low noise regulator

• The off board transformer keeps noise away from the deck. The basic low grade on board transformer, causes vibration mechanically through into the chassis and electromagnetically into the cartridge. Using a larger current transformer allows the PSU to have headroom above what is required to ‘run the motor’ which lowers the DC ripple allowing the electronics to perform better. Adding the large smoothing capacitor aids this process keeping ripple to a minimum.

• The Fidelity Audio SPower HC voltage regulator is a very low noise fast response device allowing the full potential of the current demand plus also lowering the noise floor of the DC voltage supply. Fitting the SPower HC on board the deck is preferred over fitment in the external PSU as this minimises pick up of noise and current loss after the regulator keeping everything optimal.

Installing the Technics upgrade package

You can ship your turntable to us (or we can collect using UPS, at a cost) and we can complete the work and then ship your upgraded turntable back to you

Please note : If you do not have suitable packing to ship your turntable to us, please contact us for a price for new box and packaging

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