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Force 10

And at the price, its likely to cause a hell of a storm! 

Featuring a solid 75mm birch ply plinth and a mass induced 50 mm acetyl platter, the Force 10 turntable looks like it means business, and performs that way too! With a rock steady soundstage and impeccable timing, it clearly demonstrates how vinyl should be played.

force 10.jpg


• A robust solid 75m plinth system in birch ply

• Veneer choice of Cherry, Walnut, Light American Oak, Rosewood,

  Striped Macassor, Ebony and Maple

• 50mm Machined Acetyl Platter

• Puka Record Weight

• Inspire 2 Tonearm as standard (other tonearms available,

 please enquire for details)

• Coned feet with sorbothane suspension

• Acrylic Coned Feet

• Off board PSU available

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