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Vivid LP12 Upgrade

The most comprehensive and original upgrade for all Linn LP12s

The difference between an LP12 and a Vivid upgraded LP12 is night and day


Choose your finish

All of our Vivid LP12 plinths are crafted from high quality solid woods 


A comprehensive package which cleans up the LP12 sound creating more detail, separation, dynamics and soundstage.

The complete Vivid upgrade package offers excellent value for money in terms of quality materials and high spec manufacturing, as well as a vast improvement in the sound playback of your LP12. However, we can bespoke the upgrade package to your requirements. Please see our price list for individual oprices for each component of the upgrade packge.

The complete Vivid Upgrade Package

• Solid wood corner braced plinth 

• 10mm diamond polished acrylic armboard

• 10mm diamond polished acrylic sub chassis with aluminium inserts

• Rigid baseboard with Sorbothane shock absorbers

• 3mm Acrimat

• Hercules PSU


Other options such as:

• DC motor and PSU upgrades

• High quality 5mm clear turntable lid

• Variety of tonearms and cartridges available

• Expert affordable servicing for your LP12 with Linn parts available

Installing the Vivid upgrade package

There are two ways in which we can apply the Vivid upgrade package to your LP12

Our popular while you wait rebuilds entail the customer bringing their LP12 to our premises (in line with Covid social distancing guidance) and once the LP12 is in our hands, we can commence the upgrade which generally takes between 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.

Alternatively, you can ship your LP12 to us (or we can collect using UPS, at a cost) and we can complete the work and then ship your upgraded LP12 back to you

Please note : If you do not have suitable packing to ship your LP12 to us, please contact us for a price for new box and packaging

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