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Monarch MK2.1


The multi award winning direct drive turntable

Hear the rest at many times the price, and then hear the Monarch.

A sound that is clearly as near to the source as it can get, taking the term ‘reference’ to a different level. 



• Direct drive Technics motor 

• Phosphor bronze sealed unit bearing housing

• Mk 2.1 off board PSU with latest technology circuitry and a new bespoke RF treated case

• Audiophile clock for absolute timing precision

• Aluminium double billet platter for mass and accuracy

• Mass perfected plinth manufactured with solid woods and billet metal bracing

• Easily changed aluminium armboard for all arms from 9 inch to 12 inch

• Metal feet with sorbo pod double impact suspension plates

• Slick controls for ease of use

• Various wood finish options

• Options for most tonearms to be fitted including 12 inch

• Used as a reference by many Hi-Fi reviewers

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