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Price List

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Inspire Turntables

Monarch MK2.1 without tonearm and cartridge £5995.00

Enigma Idler Drive turntable £1750.00

Elevation turntable with Inspire 3 Tonearm £1595.00

Total Eclipse turntable *Coming soon...* TBC

Force 10 turntable without tonearm £1450.00

Vivid LP12 Upgrades

Complete Vivid Upgrade Package £1280.00

Subchassis and armboard £395.00

Bottom base and sorbothane shock absorbers £140.00

Acrimat £25.00 

Solid wood corner braced plinth POA

Thorens Upgrade Package (for 150, 160 and 166 models)

Thorens Upgrade Package inc build £950.00

(Solid wood plinth, aluminium armboard, acrimat, Linn springs and grommets, lid, subchassis damping)

Technics 1200/1210 Upgrade

Technics Reference Upgrade Package for all 1200/1210 models £1750.00

Roksan Xerxes Upgrade

Roksan Xerxes Upgrade Package including build £895.00


Inspire X100 MK3 £875.00

Inspire X200 MK3 £975.00

Inspire TA2 £190.00

Inspire TA3 £285.00

Inspire TA8 £460.00  

Other Brands

We are an approved dealer for the following brands. If you are interested in products from the brands listed below, please contact us for more information and prices

Audio Technica, Pro-Ject, Roksan, Ortofon, Unison Research, Opera, Yamaha, Lehmann, Hadcock, Sumiko, Hi Fi Racks, Custom Design,

Origin Live, Acoustic Energy, Audio Origami, Kuzma, Klipsch, Musical Fidelity

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